Tuesday, 8 January 2019

I'm Pregnant Again!!

Woah!! It's has been a long time since my last update!!

Ok, just to write here that I am 14weeks pregnant!! Yey!
This will be my 3rd child. & we're still don't know the gender.

Tomorrow I will have to do MOGTT a.k.a 'minum air gula'. Aiyooo.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

I have a New Baby

wow! it has been awhile since my last post in this blog!!!
just to update that now i have two babies; whom the second one i gave birth on May 2016! yes, he is 'he'. so, there are three males in the house, leaving mommy female alone. huhuhu.
my new baby, Naufal Brayan now is reachin' his fourth months old. he can turning over when he was 3months & two weeks old. i shall update my pregnancy journey of my second child in the next post.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

He Is Our Baby!

He was born on 8.8.2014.
After overcoming many obstacles and challenges... here is our baby!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

13: Pregnancy Journey Warded Day 3 Discharged

Early in the morning, nurse came to do CTG. And after breakfast, nurse and doctor came again. The doctor told me that I can discharged today! Yay!!!!!!!!! Happy me!
So I called husband who was at work. He will come to pick me up straight away.

12: Pregnancy Journey Warded Day 2

Nurse woke me up at 5.30am to do CTG. Sleepy mommy.. Alhamdulillah baby's heart rate normal. After that I breakfast and bed rest.
breakfast. yummy!!!
Doctor came around 10am. She informed that I needed to stay another 1 night. So, I just browsing Facebook and sleep all day. Yeah, it was bored! Nurse came at certain times to check baby heart rate & my blood pressure. She also helped me to do the counting (of baby's kicking). Husband came visited me at 5pm. I waited for him to had dinner together. 
dinner. husband finished them all
Me and husband then watched TV together and he left around 8.30pm. Hmm... I need to survive here for another night :-(

Thursday, 12 June 2014

11: Pregnancy Journey Warded Day 1

          Last Tuesday, my husband & I went to Sandakan to renew car insurance and road tax. We decided to stay a night there.
          On Wednesday, on the way back home, we stopped at Servey Hypermarket 'coz I want to survey baby stuffs. *My all-time favorite yeah!*. Suddenly I felt like wana pee..pee.. Oh shit, there was 2 blood spots! Instantly, I had no heart to continue shopping. I just wana go back home. I told husband, he advised to go to the hospital. Better safe than sorry.
          After reached Hospital Kota Kinabatangan, nurse asked me to change into hospital dress. I was brought to Dewan Bersalin to check baby's heart rate (CTG) & scan the baby.
I was lying next to this bed
dunno this for what..
          Doctor checked uterus to ensure placenta placed above or down. (If down, there was possibility that caused the blood spots). She checked the opening of the uterus (if any) and also if any cut down there. Luckily, everything were ok. The doctor suggested me to admit a night for monitoring. If tomorrow no blood I discharged.
mommy looking happy
1st class room. Thanks to husband
          Actually husband can stay with me (1st class room, remember? ehehe). Sadly, he need to work tomorrow so I was alone at night.
activity at night-watching Supernatural